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Explore | Define | Execute

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For technology investments to have a positive impact requires increased sharing of knowledge and experience, thus freeing-up space to work on the unique problems.

Ron Schultz, co-author of business strategy book Open Boundaries, explains that complexity theory

“is about how our ideas shape our behaviours. If our ideas about the world in which we operate are machine-like and mechanical, our behaviours will be very different than if our ideas are based on that of complex adaptive systems, which are more evolutionary and organic. Rather than following more linear approaches to corporate decision making, complexity theory offers organisations a way to thrive on the ambiguity and unpredictability that characterise modern business."

If the same challenges keep reoccurring perhaps we need to think a little differently than we are used to,

"the more you step back and embrace complexity the better chance you have of finding simple answers."

Complex Theory provides a number of services to small businesses, large corporate and public sector organisations that help team explore new ideas, define strategy and execute change.

  • ICT strategy development and implementation.

  • ICT capability and architecture reviews.

  • Consultancy on moving to “as a service” ICT delivery.

  • Technology vendor evaluation and selection.

  • Investment evaluation and business case development.

  • ICT project management.